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The Common Sense Case For Dividend Growth Investing


Why do people invest?

It’s an easy question to overthink, but the obvious answer is to make money.

The purpose of making money from your investments tends to be to reach financial freedom and retirement.  And that means creating a passive income stream.

Passive Income & Dividend Growth Investing

Long-term dividend growth stock investing combines the primary reason most people invest – passive income – with the tried-and-true wisdom that underlies successful investing.

As the name implies, dividend growth investing puts an emphasis on both growth and dividends.  This means looking for companies that have proven they can pay rising dividends over the long run.

Dividend growth stocks are the rare investment vehicle that not only produces income, but has a high likelihood of producing rising income over time.

Emphasizing dividend growth also means investors pay attention to the underlying business of the stock in which you are investing.

For a company to pay rising dividends year-after-year for decades, it must have favorable long-term economic characteristics and a reasonably competent and honest management team.

Dividend Growth Investing Performance

Dividend growth investing doesn’t just sound appealing.  It has performed well historically.

Dividend Growth Performance

You may be wondering which dividend growth stocks to buy now…  After all, not all dividend growth stocks make compelling buys today.

How We Identify The Best Dividend Growth Stocks Each Month

Each month we release our top 10 dividend growth stock buys in The Sure Dividend Newsletter. The process we use to find our Top 10 best dividend growth stocks each month is explained below.

It all starts with our 650+ (and growing) income security research hub, The Sure Analysis Research Database.

We analyze almost all the securities in Sure Analysis on a quarterly basis.  This means we do more than 2,600 reports a year in Sure Analysis.

Note:  The Sure Analysis Research Database is our highest tier of service.  It includes The Sure Dividend NewsletterThe Sure Dividend Newsletter does not include access to The Sure Analysis Research Database.

Please click here to download a sample Sure Analysis Research report to get an idea of the level of analysis provided in Sure Analysis.  Then multiply that by ~650 reports, updated 4 times a year, and you get an idea of the scope of analysis involved.

We put in the work to provide investors with timely and actionable investment research on dividend stocks.  Our members are saying the following:

“I have read, studied, taken action sometimes and pondered investing according to over 100 advisors. I thank you for your best in breed advice as a new member of your subscription audience. I really believe I am, thanks to you, conducting my stock investments correctly now for the long run.”

“I’m writing to thank you for the most soberly written and incisively thought out investing advice I’ve encountered to date.”

“You are a trusted resource now after 4 years, especially in the current environment. I wasn’t sure if I would keep your newsletter in the beginning but you have definitely added much value since 2016.”

“This is EXACTLY what I was looking for, and it gives a straightforward answer on the best stocks at any given time. It takes all of the confusion out of this, and makes it so simple.”

“You are doing A GREAT JOB. I am 77 yrs of age. Method of investing has worked perfectly for past 40 years. I retired in 1984. Kindest regards. You are one of a very few on the right track. Keep on with your excellent research and newsletter.”

The culmination of our 2,600+ analysis reports a year is apples-to-apples comparisons on 650+ income securities for metrics that matter like:

We use the data from The Sure Analysis Research Database as the primary basis for the Top 10 dividend growth stocks each month in The Sure Dividend Newsletter.

The image below is taken directly from The Sure Dividend Newsletter and shows our exact buying and ranking criteria.  Click the image to download a PDF of our buying and ranking guide.

For investors looking for a full portfolio building approach, The Sure Dividend Newsletter also has a to-the-point portfolio building guide.

Note:  The Sure Dividend Newsletter is published monthly, always on the first Sunday of the month.

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