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The Top 10 High Quality Dividend Growth Stocks Every Month

You have a choice of what securities you put into your retirement or pre-retirement investment account.

Companies that have paid rising dividends over long periods of time have demonstrated the ability to grow over a wide variety of economic environments.  And, they pass that growth on to investors through growing dividend payments.

We believe dividend growth stocks match what many investors need in retirement – growing income to supplement or no longer rely on social security.

Which specific dividend growth stocks you invest in matters.

Each month we release our top 10 dividend growth stock buys in The Sure Dividend Newsletter.

The Top 10 list in The Sure Dividend Newsletter is made primarily with data from our Sure Analysis Research Database where we analyze more than 650 dividend stocks, REITs, MLPs, and BDCs quarterly.

The Top 10 rankings are based on expected total returns – which are a combination of growth, valuation, and dividend yield – and our Dividend Risk scores.  We look to find high quality dividend growth stocks with strong expected total returns ahead trading at fair or better prices.

The June 2021 Sure Dividend Newsletter Top 10 High Quality Dividend Growth Stocks

Sure Dividend Recommendation #10
This large telecom is one of the leaders in its consolidated industry.  This company is not a fast grower – we are projecting 4.0% annualized earnings-per-share growth over the next five years.

But, the company’s stock does offer a high 4%+ dividend yield.  And the dividend has increased for 14 consecutive years.  We also view this security as undervalued.  All together, we expected total returns in excess of 10% per year over the next five years.

Sure Dividend Recommendation #9
This dividend growth stock’s dividend history is not as long as many others on this list.  It only initiated its dividend in 2015, but has increased it quickly since.  Fiscal 2020’s dividend was more than double fiscal 2015’s dividend.

This company’s stock appears undervalued – it’s trading for ~82% of its fair value based on our fair value price estimate.  And it offers a reasonable 5% expected growth rate to go along with its high 4%+ dividend yield.

Sure Dividend Recommendation #8
This stock is in the same industry as our #10 recommendation.   And like that recommendation, it is one of the leaders in its industry.

This Dividend Aristocrat has an impressive 30+ year streak of consecutive dividend increases.  And it offers an exceptionally high yield of ~7%.

In addition, we believe the stock to be undervalued which adds to expected total returns.  Including modest expected growth of 3.0% per year, we project strong total returns of around 12% annually over the next five years.

Sure Dividend Recommendation #7
This large aerospace and defense company is one of the leaders in its industry.  It has a long history of rising its dividend – now at 18 consecutive years.

We are expecting reasonably high growth of 8.0% a year for this company.  This growth goes well with a stock price that is only at ~90% of our fair value estimate.  Additionally, this defense company has a solid 2.7% dividend yield.

Sure Dividend Recommendation #6
This large communication services company has put together an impressive growth history.  From 2011 through 2020, this company compounded its adjusted earnings-per-share at 14.2% per year.  We expect 10% adjusted earnings-per-share growth ahead.

Dividend growth has come alongside earnings-per-share growth.  This company has increased its dividend for 10+ consecutive years.

With a 1.8% dividend yield, this company is not a high yielding security, but it does have a dividend yield higher than the S&P 500’s 1.4% dividend yield.

Sure Dividend Recommendations #5
This established health care business can trace its roots all the way back to 1887.  And, it has a 10+ year streak of consecutive dividend increases.

The stock’s ~3% dividend yield offers income investors more than twice the yield of the broader S&P 500.  And, this health care company’s stock looks significantly undervalued.  It is trading at under 65% of our estimate of fair value.

Sure Dividend Recommendations #4
This bank is much smaller than the other companies in our Top 10 list this month.  It has a market cap of under $500 million.  But despite its smaller size, this company has increased its dividend for more than 25 consecutive years.

And, it offers investors an above market average dividend yield of 2.1%.  We expect solid 5.0% growth ahead for this bank on a per share basis.  On the valuation side, it is trading for under 90% of our expected fair value, so investors who buy in now can expect a moderate valuation multiple expansion tailwind in the years ahead.

Sure Dividend Recommendations #3
This company sells products that one would expect to do well in ‘good times’, but not sell as well when the economy is struggling.  That’s what makes the company’s 26 year streak of consecutive dividend increases all the more impressive.

The company’s stock currently offers investors a reasonable 2.0% dividend yield.  The stock is trading for under 90% of our estimated fair value.  And we expect earnings-per-share growth of 5.0% per year to go with this company’s well-covered dividend.  All together we expect annualized total returns of ~10% over the next five years.

Sure Dividend Recommendations #2
This large health care company was founded in the 19th century.  It is also a Dividend Aristocrat thanks to its 40+ year streak of consecutive dividend increases.

With a payout ratio of under 30%, this company’s dividend is very secure.  And while the dividend yield of 1.4% is only around the S&P 500’s average, the low payout ratio and long streak of rising dividends make it very likely the dividend will be increasing in the future.

We expect strong earnings-per-share growth of 10% per year over the next five years.  This stock is trading just above our fair value estimate, making it a high quality business trading at a reasonably fair price.

Sure Dividend Recommendations #1
Our top security this month is a company that is widely known to consumers in the United States.  It is one of the two largest players in its industry.

This company is not only a Dividend Aristocrat, it is also a Dividend King thanks to its incredible 50+ year streak of consecutive dividend increases.  The company’s most recent dividend increases was over 30% – showing this established business still expects more growth ahead.

With an above-market-average 1.7% dividend yield combined with 7% expected earnings-per-share growth ahead a stock price that is under 90% of our fair value estimate, we expect this stock to generate total returns of ~11% annually over the next five years.

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