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The Top 10 Securities With 4%+ Yields Every Month


You get to choose what securities you add to your retirement and financial freedom investment account.

Retirement investing is ultimately about creating income from your investments to cover your living expenses.

Investing in securities with higher yields means more income from your investment account per dollar invested.

But not all high yield securities make equally good investments; what high yield securities you invest in matters.

Each month we release our top 10 stocks securities with 4%+ dividend yields in The Sure Retirement Newsletter.

The Top 10 list in The Sure Retirement Newsletter is made primarily with data from our Sure Analysis Research Database where we analyze more than 650 dividend stocks, REITs, MLPs, and BDCs quarterly.

The Top 10 rankings are based on expected total returns – which are a combination of growth, valuation, and dividend yield – and our Dividend Risk and Retirement Suitability scores. We look to find quality high yield securities with strong expected total returns ahead trading at fair or better prices.

The June 2021 Sure Retirement Newsletter Top 10 4%+ Yielding Securities

Sure Retirement Recommendation #10
This consumer staples giant sells a highly addictive product.  It’s also the market leader in its industry in the U.S.  While this company won’t be topping any ESG lists any time soon, it is very shareholder friendly.  The company targets a dividend payout ratio of 80% and has increased its dividend for 51 consecutive years (adjusting for many spin-offs).  And, this stock offers investors a high yield of over 6%.

Sure Retirement Recommendation #9
This large health care company is trading for a price to earnings ratio of under 10 using expected fiscal 2021 adjusted earnings-per-share. We believe this is a too low of a valuation for this quality business, which has increased its adjusted earnings-per-share every year since it became a standalone entity (fiscal 2013 was its first full fiscal year).

In addition to a history of earnings-per-share growth, this company has also increased its dividend-per-share each year since it was spun-off in 2013. And, it offers investors a robust 4%+ dividend yield at its current undervalued price.

Sure Retirement Recommendation #8
This MLP offers investors an exceptionally high distribution yield of over 9%.  What’s more, the extremely high dividend is actually well covered.  This MLP has a payout ratio using expected distributable cash flows for its current fiscal year of just of 67%.
Sure Retirement Recommendation #7
Like recommendation #8, our fourth place recommendation is an MLP with a high distribution yield, over 8% in this case.  And again the company’s distribution is well covered.  This MLP has a payout ratio using expected distributable cash flows for its current fiscal year of only 53%

Sure Retirement Recommendation #6
This utility can trace its roots back 215 years, to 1886.  The company also has a streak of 17 years of consecutive dividend increases.  We expect solid growth for a utility of 5.6% per year ahead over the next 5 years.  And, this stock is currently offering investors a dividend yield of more than 4%.

Sure Retirement Recommendations #5
Like recommendation #6, our #5 recommendation is also in the utilities sector.  This utility has a solid 4%+ dividend yield.  And with 14 consecutive years of dividend increases, it’s clear the company’s management prioritizes the dividend.

Sure Retirement Recommendations #4
This MLP’s distribution yield is very high at over 7%.  The MLP has increased its distribution for 20 consecutive years.  And we expect 3.0% annualized growth up ahead.  Including the distribution, growth, and valuation gains (the security looks undervalued as well), we expect powerful annualized returns of 11.3% annually over the next 5 years from this MLP.

Sure Retirement Recommendations #3
This company is in the same industry as our #1 recommendation ahead.  This industry has consolidated to only a few large players with strong market positions.  This recommendation has a solid 4.4% dividend yield.  Including the dividend, we expect annualized total returns over the next five years of 10.3% from this blue chip stock.

Sure Retirement Recommendation #2
This dividend growth stock’s dividend history is not as long as many others on this list. It only initiated its dividend in 2015, but has increased it quickly since. Fiscal 2020’s dividend was more than double fiscal 2015’s dividend.

This company’s stock appears undervalued – it’s trading for ~88% of its fair value based on our fair value price estimate. And it offers a reasonable 5% expected growth rate to go along with its high 4.1% dividend yield.

Sure Retirement Recommendations #1
This company is the largest player in its industry based on sales. And it’s a good industry to be a leader in because this industry is prone to having only a few very large companies take the bulk of market share.  This company is undergoing structural changes that will better focus it on its core competencies to unlock shareholder value.  In addition, the company’s stock currently offers investors a high dividend yield of ~7%.

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