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I started Sure Dividend back in 2014 to help people invest in high quality dividend growth stocks for the long run.  Sure Dividend has grown year-after-year since.

Along the way, our readers and members have said (or more accurately, written) words that mean a lot to me and the team at Sure Dividend.  You can read our customer and reader testimonials below.


Ben Reynolds

Note: Minor spelling and grammar issues were corrected in some testimonials.  Some testimonials have been shortened or edited for privacy and relevance.


I can’t think of anything I would suggest to improve your reports. I always read them, and I will never again waste time or money in reading the Motley Fool. Your reports and those of Seeking Alpha are the best.

I just signed up and am happy to continue with ‘Sure Dividend’. I want you to know, after reading many of your contributions on AS that I believe that your approach and information/research will greatly improve the outcomes of many investors – the Div. gro. approach seems very valid – historically safe as well as valuable.  I wish you much success in this endeavor.

Thanks again for all you do to help the “little guy.”  I am not a little guy, but a 84 year-old lady investing in dividend paying stocks and helping my two children with the same.

You are doing A GREAT JOB. I am 77 yrs of age. Method of investing has worked perfectly for past 40 years. I retired in 1984. Kindest regards. You are one of a very few on the right track. Keep on with your excellent research and newsletter.

I am happy to have  been able to subscribe and receive the e-mails from you.  You provide excellent over-views with sensical approaches for us retired folks and thanks.

A very unique perspective. Love the analytical framework. Comprehensive and practical for the ordinary investor. Thank you.

Interesting method, it eloquently expresses some of my learned thoughts on investing.

After being a subscriber of your newsletter for a good part of a year now, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your extremely informative and well written articles on dividend investing.

Being dividend investor myself, I absolutely enjoy watching the “paychecks” come in every month as well! The research you do about the best, highest quality dividend-paying companies out there is much appreciated and I look forward to every newsletter you send (especially with the analysis of the Dividend Aristocrat right now).

Keep up the fantastic work!

I am a subscriber to your excellent Newsletter. After trading stocks for short term for the last several years, and failing, finally I have joined the wagon of ” Dividend Investments “. I love reading your articles because they are full of good advice.

I feel like I finally have a true handle and mindset on investing.   I wish I started this sooner in life.   I made a lot of poor sell decisions in the past that lost opportunity costs.   Holding forever is truly the best advice with quality dividend growth companies.

Thank you for teaching the little guys like me how to invest.

knew you and your company were special when I first subscribed.  That’s why I bought your life membership when you offered it. Your letters are my foundation to my new beginn’n.

I have read, studied, taken action sometimes and pondered investing according to over 100 advisors. I thank you for your best in breed advice as a new member of your subscription audience. I really believe I am, thanks to you, conducting my stock investments correctly now for the long run.

Thank you for the guidance you provide. I have changed the way I invest and now look forward to having cash flow during my retirement years.

I have enjoyed your newsletters and have gotten far better advice from them than I have from my stock broker.

I just sign up and finished reading the November newsletter. Outstanding content! Very happy with my purchase!

I’m writing to thank you for the most soberly written and incisively thought out investing advice I’ve encountered to date.

I’ve been reading about six different newsletters, Motley Fool, Market Watch, Oxford,, The Street, Alpha, and more. Yours is the only one (whether I agree with your position on any specific stock or not), that combines both a great deal of concrete and reliable information, which is also pertinent, with excellent analysis–all without the infuriating hype and “upswell” of Motley Fool, whose value oriented analysis I happen to agree with.

I have done well with the investments I’ve undertaken (viewed macro-economically, of course), but feel confident of improved performance going forward by sticking to income stocks that are priced well, and by searching for those stocks that even opposing forces in the world of stock picking actually agree on.

At this point, your newsletter is my beacon. Others provide only peripheral light, or perhaps an occasional flare.

Please keep it that way. And best wishes for the New Year.

I enjoy your newsletter and only wish I had it 5 years ago.

This is EXACTLY what I was looking for, and it gives a straightforward answer on the best stocks at any given time. It takes all of the confusion out of this, and makes it so simple.

I am writing my appreciation of your intelligent advice compared with the rubbish issued by all the other so called market advisers who essentially are trying to sell their silly booklets.

I have spent a considerable amount of time over the course of the last four months  studying, reading, getting reacquainted with Benjamin Graham, and trying to come up with a strategy for asset allocation but not trying to reinvent the wheel.  Of all of the things I have found via Seeking Alpha, Advisor Perspectives, etc., yours is the most appealing.

Just finished reading my first subscription of your newsletter for February 2016. With regards to whether or not it is worth anyone’s time to bother reading it…. I have sent the application to subscribe out to all on my e-mail list. One has already come back that they have indeed signed up. A second is on the way. For anyone interested in investing; the “experienced” as well as the “newbies”, this is the place to go. I think the information is succinct and to the point and that’s what I need. I will continue to recommend your newsletter to all.

I just wanted to thank you for all of the amazing content you produce on a monthly basis.  I just started my journey of dividend growth investing in 2015 after a few years of trading stocks for 3 years with no clear plan. Your articles are very informational with a clear plan and thats what I love about them. Keep up the great work! You have a life long reader in me.

Of all the newsletters that I have ever taken-yours is simply the absolutely best. How I wish that I had been able to have found it —several years ago-

Just received your April letter. This is the first one I have ever received and wanted to let you know how super it is. Wish I would have known about you sooner.

I’ve invested and have been a consumer of a variety of news letters for many years and began following this news letter and then that news letter chasing promised returns without really knowing what I wanted to accomplish outside of making money, and not understanding the goals and methods of each news letter.

Needless to say, my results were less than profitable.

I’ve now learned to evaluate company performance, idendifying quality, and value.

Knowing what I want to own and what I’m willing to pay, Sure Dividend is the only news letter I currently subscribe to and I’m currently building a high quality income generating portfolio that allows me to sleep well at night.

Cash income and sleeping well at night are my two primary goals and two of the most often over looked elements of successful long term investing.

You’re producing a good product at a value.

Very educational for me. I can include some of the articles in my “Letter from your dead husband”. You have uncommon common sense that is delightful to read. You are good at what you do and it shows more so than any other newsletter or blog I have read. It’s just a delight to read the best.

I LOVE the dividend yield graphs that you put in the newsletter.  This is my first year as a dividend investor, but your website and newsletter has made me 4x the returns I was getting before.

Your approach has helped me develop a disciplined approach to my investing, and I plan to renew when my subscriptions are due.

Thank you for this.  I really appreciate your analysis and updates on stocks you write about.  I was thinking the other day that it took me seven years to find someone whose investment approach makes sense to me.  And that is you.  For the first time, I feel confident I am creating a solid portfolio for retirement.

I had all my retirement assets with an advisor for quite a few years.  He always put me in mutual funds that did fair at best despite my higher risk tolerance. And always collected a 1% fee.

I finally had enough watching index funds outperform my holdings while paying the 1%.  Taking control of my money was one of the best moves I’ve ever made. Following your Sure Dividend recommendations has made a difficult task easy.  While there is no sure thing, investing in high quality businesses, especially when out of favor sure beats expensive funds and investment fees.  Most people don’t understand how much of a drag a 1% fee can have over time.

I have been a self-directed investor since 1980, and I think your Sure Retirement newsletter is the best thing I’ve seen! Thanks so much for your diligence.

I like what you provide I look forward to lots of years of earning money with you and nick . Thank you for the service you provide

I’ve got to tell you that your website and newsletters are excellent! I’m using the info they provide to transition part of my Merrill Lynch Equity Income Portfolio to SD, SR, and NOBL portfolios.

It saves me so much time and effort and you and your staff do a super job of analysis of each of the top tens. Your work makes my job much easier and more accurate, and my results are the best they’ve ever been. Thanks so much for all your deep research and the long term approach which yields a super list of great companies available at good buy prices. Your service and that of your fine staff, makes my final decisions so easy with rock solid info on rock solid choices. Please continue.

I also wanted to let you know that I am extremely happy that I found your service and I recommend it to everyone I know that is interested in investing. Your newsletters have been extremely helpful for me and allow me to do the best investing I can with the limited time I have. Your advice has helped me grow my portfolio with confidence and it is nice to see all those dividend payments come in along with the growth of the portfolio.

My wife even stopped worrying about me investing a large portion of our savings and now tells everyone how I am an investing genius! That I am definitely not, but at least I am smart enough to follow one! Thanks again Ben as your service has really changed my life and helped me better prepare for the future.

I’m very glad I bought a healthy slice of Abbv when first you recommended it! I’ve held it ever since. You seem to have been gifted from above with the ability to stay true to your original disciplined rules of investing; the very basics of what is differentiating  your company with a wide moat of wisdom, consistent direction and brave decision making when others around the game fall confused. We all appreciate your “steady as she goes” focus…it’s paying off.

You’ve always been very kind and caring to me and to the now thousands of other followers. Maybe that’s one of the reasons you,ve built such a strong business. I know lots of had work too, and your advice comes from our creator.

I, being a baby boomer, and recently semi-retired, know that the other 10,000 boomers that retire every day now in our country will more and more appreciate your thoughtfulness and kindness. You’re one of a kind…Stay that way.

Thanks in part to your help, I’m ready for the inevitable downturn, whenever it comes, confident in the long-term strategy, and it’ll be a pleasure to scoop up extra shares for however long prices stay down.

I AGAIN wanted to thank you for this newsletter.  I anxiously await the first Sunday to read it every month, and I also follow you religiously on Seeking Alpha.  After years of struggling with returns, I finally have a positive outlook regarding my retirement income stream.

THANK YOU, Ben! Your service is the VERY BEST I have, and I have many excellent ones!

After some 50 years of stock investing and subscribing to many many newsletters, Sure Dividend is the best and the only newsletter I will ever need.

I really find significant value in what you produce.  The data bases, articles, newsletters, podcasts, all of it, and particularly the short 5 minute deep dive videos into various companies.  You manage to pick companies whose dividend safety is being debated in the financial media.  Its very timely and helps block out all of the noise and opinion.

Thanks so much for what you do.  Money well spent on my part.

Thanks Ben. I have been very pleased with all the information Sure Dividend has provided. What I particularly like is your simple approach, how you communicate with your audience and the ability to interact with you personally. There is no magic in hard work; the magic is in the result.

Best issue yet, Ben! This new retirement investing newsletter and associated data base is a major improvement over any other retirement investing  source out there!

I am so glad I resigned up for the Research Database. I have used it extensively and just used it to confirm a new investment, and used the pdf to convince the wife that this was a good step to take today.  Simply a great service.

I am very satisfied with service I have from you and plan to continue indefinitely.

You and your team run the BEST research program in the country.

Although I am just a small time investor, I appreciate the information that all of you work hard to provide.

The Sure dividend “family” of newsletters have become an integral part of my financial planning in retirement.

Keep up the great work-it is appreciated.

My goal is to invest in high quality, long-term stocks. Specifically, mostly high dividend stocks. Sure Analysis, in my opinion, is an amazing tool to build my retirement  portfolio.

Your information in the reports and videos are superb. I always look at your comments or info before determining a position. I look at a couple others but yours works best for me….keep it up!

I use Sure Dividend to find/ select good dividend stocks for the long run (I’m 41). I’m not subscribed to any other paid online advisor as you are.

As a registered investment advisor, I use Sure Dividends as one source in located the best high-yielding dividend stocks. Since I manage both taxable and non-taxable accounts the objectives are a bit different. The common feature is maximizing long-term total return with minimum risk.

Your service is the best I have ever seen. I have been in the stock market for 71 years  ( I am 81 now, 82 in March) so that is saying a lot as I am a big reader.

I only handle my family money. No OPM. I keep telling people to subscribe to your research. It is the best.

One of the best things about sure dividend is Illustrated in your Feb newsletter , that is the Section “biggest mistakes “. I’m sure you realize how rare that is in the investment advice business. The most you’ll ever get is to hold on for the long term. Then it’s forgotten by the advisor or newsletter . Truth is rare but it’s sure appreciated. So keep up the good work , it’s sorely needed.

Thanks for your informative emails!  I am an 83 year old widow and make my own investment decisions. I am doing quiet well by using research from investment websites such as yours!

I know you are working extremely hard. And you bring a brilliance to your company and to your job that is unrivaled by others. You are authentic and we are blessed to have you doing the work that you do. My prayers are with you and your associates as you bring out the best in the 5,000 or by now 6,000+ members.

Even if we fail to express how much we all appreciate you. We should tell you we appreciate you Ben. Thank you for your guidance and endless integrity. You work very hard, and we are all very fortunate to have you.

You have a great service at a great price, btw. Monthly reports are great, but especially like the weekly database files. Allows me to keep updated on what’s good, per my preferences. Some of my accounts want dividends, others want total expected return. Your filter and sort features allow me to easily identify my targets. I set them up in Trading View, then watch for price dips. You’ve allowed me to totally revamp my investing approach. So, thank you!

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate and value your work. I am a subscriber to the Sure Retirement newsletter and I read the Morning Dividend daily. I live in Sweden and these are excellent resources to keep up with dividend stocks in the US. Thanks to your work I have been able to invest in US dividend stocks with much better confidence.

You write a great letter. I constantly recommend it to people who want to know what I am doing.

You are doing a great job. The content of your information is very valuable and I will continue to disclose your service to my friends.

You guys rock.

You provide an awesome service. Lot’s of timely actionable information at a very reasonable (I’d say cheap even) cost.

I have been using Sure Dividend for two years and the information has been very worth while.

This newsletter has made me some good profits and am very happy to renew my subscription.

I promise to help you lower your advertising budget by my word of mouth. I have been taking all available opportunities to read Sure Dividend and it is a pleasure to read as well as a treasure trove of data. I’ve seen and been through several (maybe more) newsletters and Sure Dividend is walking the talk. It is quit impressive and most definitely head and shoulders above the rest.

I teach math at a high school in Indiana and have used some info from your site in the past with my seniors after AP exams in the spring. They have really enjoyed learning a small amount about investing and really liked the idea of building a dividend based portfolio.

Several weeks ago I subscribed to Sure Dividend and I am loving it. You and your team of people are doing a great job for us self directed investors. Thank you so much for offering this service.  Keep up the good work.

Thank you for providing so much good content!

Most companies just bill you at the end of your subscription, and usually at an increased cost.

Sure Dividend must be complimented and held in high regard – they advise you of your options in advance, allowing you to opt out if you want, and they do not raise the price. This is certainly appreciated and is one of the reasons why they are trusted by me and evidently 8,000 other investors.

Love the newsletter, such a needed source of guidance now.

You are a trusted resource now after 4 years, especially in the current environment. I wasn’t sure if I would keep your newsletter in the beginning but you have definitely added much value since 2016. I really enjoy the morning dividend now. I have signed up for auto renew because I am now sold on your services for the life of my investing career. I am 61 years old so hopefully that is another 25-30 years.

Awesome customer service. Golden Rule Commitment!

Thanks so much! You have an excellent resource and service. Two thumbs up!

I’m at the point where my DIY investing is where I need to go from good to great and your newsletters are a great source.

Thanks!! Keep up the awesome work! Thanks for doing this stuff. Sounds like a real grassroots kind of business.

Just wanted to say thank you.  Above and beyond what I expected. I now see what you mean by the “Golden Rule Commitment”. Based on your response and the immense value the service provides. I am very happy. You’ve made me a customer for life.

You guys are awesome and really knowledgeable. [Name removed for privacy] and I will be sticking with Sure Dividend for our future investment guidance needs.

Your newsletters are the best- just turning 63 so thought the retirement newsletter made more sense now.

I’m a huge fan and I know I’ll be a subscriber for decades to come.

OMG. Thank you so much. I really enjoy the research material. You guys are amazing.

I really do enjoy and use Sure Dividend for my stock selections.  You make doing research and due diligence much easier.

Glad to renew! Love your research.

Wanted to thank you for your business and allowing me to subscribe. I could spend all day learning and reading your wonderful articles if I did not have to work. Thanks again.

This is the type of customer service that can really be appreciated these days. I will definitely recommend your service to my investing circle. Once again thank you.

Just a quick note to say thanks for recommending Eaton Vance! That sure worked out ok… I had picked up 500 shares or so about a month ago, before the Morgan Stanley pop.

You rock! I think it paid for my subscription for a few years in advance…