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Frequently Asked Questions

The price-to-earnings ratios in your newsletter don’t line up with what I see on [insert most stock screeners here]. Why is that? 

We typically use adjusted earnings, which are found in company quarterly and annual press releases. Adjusted earnings back out non-recurring charges and other items impacting comparability. They tend to be a better gauge of true underlying earnings power, as compared with GAAP earnings.

I want to join, but don’t like automatically renewing subscriptions. Does Sure Dividend offer non-renewing plans? 

Yes! To turn off auto-renew, join the regular newsletter. Then, email asking to turn off auto-renew, and I will turn it off and confirm with you that I’ve done so. You can also sign in to the Member’s Area to turn auto renew off or on.

When is the next newsletter coming out? 

The newsletter and report schedule is below:

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