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The Dividend Ideas Plan


The Dividend Ideas Plan gives you our Top 10 dividend growth stock buys each month with 25+ years of rising dividends, and our Top 10 REIT buys each month.


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The Dividend Ideas plan includes the following 2 special report services:

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These services together would normally cost $158/year. But the Dividend Ideas Plan reduces your annual price to just $99/year.

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Sure Dividend is not like other newsletter providers. Our picks are not from a ‘gut feel’, a ‘guru’, or a ‘secret system’. All that stuff may be flashy and work well for marketing, but it isn’t necessarily what makes for successful investing.

“After some 50 years of stock investing and subscribing to many many newsletters, Sure Dividend is the best and the only newsletter I will ever need.”

We have a consistent unified investment approach. All investing returns come from only 3 sources.

  1. Dividends
    (or distributions, interest, etc.)
  2. Growth on a per share basis
    (typically measured as a change in earnings-per-share)
  3. Valuation multiple changes
    (typically measured as a change in the price-to-earnings ratio)

Combined, these three sources make up total return.

Historical total return, while interesting, is not what matters in investing.  It’s expected (future) total returns that we care about. You can use the expected total return framework to clarify your thinking on where you expect total returns to come from.

This is an especially powerful tool to employ in your investment portfolio because it cuts through the noise. You can ‘see’ how the puzzle pieces of growth, value, and dividends ‘fit together’.

This means you can compare the investment prospects of wildly different securities to one another. You can compare the investment prospects of a low-yield, fast growing tech stock stock to a deep value, high yield MLP, and everything in between.

That is, of course, if you have expected total return estimates for these different securities. Our analyst team creates expected total return updates for more than 800 income securities in the Sure Analysis Research Database.

We update our estimates quarterly shortly after earnings reports come out for the securities we cover (price data is updated daily) so our expected total return estimates stay up-to-date. This means our team will do more than 3,200 analysis reports annually… And we continue to grow our coverage universe.

All of this data from the Sure Analysis Research Database is what powers the special reports in the Dividend Ideas Plan.

We do all the ‘heavy lifting’ analysis for you, so you get concise Top 10 lists to fill your rising income portfolio with high quality dividend growth stocks and compelling REITs.

“This is what I’ve been looking to purchase for a few years now. You guys do such a great job and really have a great product.”
– Top 10 Dividend Elite member

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The Dividend Ideas Plan helps you find compelling REIT and dividend growth stock buy ideas.

We want as many people as possible to benefit from investing quality income securities for the long run in order to achieve financial freedom.

And long-term investing, as the name implies, requires years. If you don’t trust that we have your best interest in mind with our methodology and recommendations, you likely won’t invest for the long-term.

The best way we know to build trust is to be trustworthy. Sadly, that may be close to a novel concept in the investment newsletter industry.

This means treating others the way we want to be treated. The Sure Dividend Golden Rule Commitment is our guarantee to treat our customers the way we’d want to be treated.

“Your skills and experience and brain has done so much for me and thousands of others.  In reality though, it’s your transparency and integrity that sets you apart from the rest of the investment companies. Yes you are one of the few in the investment industry, who really does live by the Golden Rule. You are the last honest investment teacher. Never change. We’ll keep sending fellow retail customers to you only.”
– Sure Dividend member

The Sure Dividend Golden Rule Commitment includes the following:

Note: If you are a member of any of our other premium services, you will automatically receive a prorated refund for unused time on your other plan(s) that are already in The Dividend Ideas Plan shortly after your trial charges. That way, you aren’t charged for the reports twice.

There’s no better time to start building or adding to your dividend growth portfolio than now. The fantastic wealth building effects of compounding passive income only accrue to those who actually invest.

The Dividend Ideas Plan helps individual investors build high quality dividend growth portfolios for the long run.

“You and your team run the BEST research program in the country.”
– Sure Dividend member

Best case scenario, the strategy aligns with your investing mentality and you find many great securities to start or add to your dividend growth portfolio.

Worst case scenario, you find our special reports aren’t right for you, and you are covered by the risk free 7 day trial and 60 day full refund period.

There’s no risk in trying the Dividend Ideas Plan because of our Golden Rule Commitment, but there is serious wealth creating potential to building and growing your high quality income security portfolio.

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