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Get Our Best Retirement Securities Now In The 4%+ Yield Sure Retirement Newsletter

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The Sure Retirement Newsletter uses data from The Sure Analysis Research Database to find and rank quality dividend growth stocks with 4%+ yields – so you invest in high yield dividend growth stocks trading at fair or better prices.

Specifically, The Sure Retirement Newsletter recommends securities that generally have the following characteristics:

The Sure Retirement Newsletter includes the following:

The Sure Retirement Newsletter currently has a risk free trial – pay nothing for 7 days.  We are offering you this free trial because we know the value the Sure Retirement Newsletter provides and we want to reach as many people as possible.

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The Sure Dividend Golden Rule Commitment

The Sure Dividend Golden Rule Commitment is our guarantee to treat our customers the way we’d want to be treated.

Here’s what you get when you join The Sure Retirement Newsletter:

The Sure Dividend Golden Rule Commitment is there because we care about our readers’ success.

Sure Dividend helps individual investors build high quality dividend growth portfolios for the long run.  Part of the way we accomplish this is through fair business terms and quality customer support.

And here’s what actual members are saying about The Sure Retirement Newsletter:

“I really appreciate and value the Sure Retirement newsletter. I live in Sweden and this is an excellent resource to keep up with dividend stocks in the US. Thanks to your work I have been able to invest in US dividend stocks with much better confidence.”
– Mattias

“Really enjoy it and use it in discussions with my financial advisors.”
– Linda

“I have gotten several actionable stock ideas.  Thanks!”
– Jim A

“It is a good reference for me and I use it to find ideas.”
– TO’B

“I look forward to it every month and I use it along with the sure dividend newsletter to monitor my 20 stock portfolio.”
– Jeff

“I have uncovered new stocks to research for possible investment and have learned significantly more about companies in which I am currently invested.”
– Doug

“Very good. I am investing most of my spare income into retirement recommendations.”
– Martin

“I use it monthly as a reference and buying/selling guide. I am in retirement now.”
– Liz R

Note: Minor grammatical changes have been made to some of the quotes above.

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