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Think about how much a typical mutual fund charges: 1% of assets under management.

On a $1,000,000 account, that comes to $10,000 every year for stock selection…

Call me crazy, but I believe your money should be left to compound in your account.

The Sure Dividend Newsletter solves the problem of investing in the right dividend growth stocks – without having to pay thousands of dollars every year.

The Sure Dividend Newsletter uses data from The Sure Analysis Research Database to find and rank high quality dividend growth stocks, so you always buy the best businesses at fair or better prices.  Ranking criteria looks for businesses with:

We have more than 800 securities we track and analyze in The Sure Analysis Research Database.  The Sure Dividend Newsletter uses this information to create find and analyze our Top 10 dividend growth stocks every month.

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The Sure Dividend Golden Rule Commitment

The Sure Dividend Golden Rule Commitment is our guarantee to treat our customers the way we’d want to be treated.

Here’s what you get when you join The Sure Dividend Newsletter:

The Sure Dividend Golden Rule Commitment is there because we care about our readers’ success.

Sure Dividend helps individual investors build high quality dividend growth portfolios for the long run.  Part of the way we accomplish this is through fair business terms and quality customer support.

And here’s what actual members are saying about The Sure Dividend Newsletter:

“I absolutely love The Sure Dividend Newsletter and have rebuilt my portfolio and continue to do so via the Real Money Portfolio.”
– Andrew

“I have followed Sure Dividend for two years and have found a wealth of information regarding dividend growth stocks, both those names with which I was previously familiar and stocks with which I had no previous experience. I find the information in the Sure Dividend newsletter to be most helpful in my investing.”
– Doug

“I love the fact that your newsletter contains 10 picks every single month whereas most competitors only offer one single pick at a much higher (but please don’t bring the price up because I just wrote this!). The information is also very thorough.”
– Luc

“It helps me to be a better investor. I like its format and information granularity.”
– Jiri

“Sure Dividend has changed the process I use to decide which stock to invest in for our non IRA accounts and is very much in line with my objectives. I have used information from the newsletter to establish my personal investment policy.”
– John

“Great so far. I have been able to build a very solid portfolio.”
– Mark

“Your insights into stocks are very valuable and save time.”
– Marius

“A great source for identifying dividend appreciators at attractive valuations.”
– Erik

“The Sure Dividend Newsletter has played a major role in becoming a successful investor.”
– Aad

“I learned alot, especially when I first was reading it — absorbing the concepts was critical for me, and I respect your analysis of the stocks and their suitability.”
– Mer Boel

“I’m using it to build a portfolio. I like your style. ’nuff said.”
– Todd Moyer

Note: Minor grammatical changes have been made to some of the quotes above.

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Note: Dividend Shots followers are eligible for a $41/year discount. Enter coupon code DS41S to save $41/year if it doesn’t apply automatically.

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