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Real estate investment trusts – or REITs for short – are a fantastic asset class for investors looking to generate income.

REITs tend to have higher dividend yields because they are required by law to pay out at least 90% of their net income as dividend payments to their unitholders.

Note: REITs trade as units, not shares.

When an organization elects to become a REIT, they avoid the ‘double taxation’ of corporations (tax on both income and dividends) in exchange for being required to distribute the bulk of earnings as dividends.

REITs on average are a compelling way to get diversified real estate exposure and passive income.

But we want you to invest in better than the ‘average’ REITs…

Our Top 10 REITs special service finds and analyzes our Top 10 favorite REITs each month.

We do a tremendous amount of work to find the Top 10 REITs each month. Keep reading to learn how we do the rankings for our Top 10 REITs special service.

Top 10 Dividend REITs Ranking Procedure

Our ranking procedure starts with data from The Sure Analysis Research Database.

We create quarterly research reports on 700+ income securities – including 110+ REITs – in The Sure Analysis Research Database.

We calculate metrics that matter for the securities in Sure Analysis, including  5 year forward expected total returns.

Our 5 year forward expected total returns are comprised of 5 year forward estimates for:

  1. Growth on a per share basis
  2. Valuation multiple changes
    (is the security overvalued or undervalued, and by how much?)
  3. And of course dividend yield

The ranking procedure we use to find our 10 best REITs each month is below.

  1. Exclude all non-REITs.
  2. Exclude all international REITs.
  3. Filter for dividend yields of 4% or greater.
  4. Sort by expected total returns (the higher the better).
  5. Manually review each REIT for safety. The review process looks at dividend history, payout ratio, and qualitative factors.
  6. No more than 3 REITs in each REIT subcategory. As an example, there can be no more than 3 mortgage REITs in any one edition of the Top 10 REITs report.

New Top 10 REIT special report editions come out on the 2nd Sunday of every month.

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The Sure Dividend Golden Rule Commitment

The Sure Dividend Golden Rule Commitment is our guarantee to treat our customers the way we’d want to be treated.

Here’s what you get when you join our Top 10 REITs service:

The Sure Dividend Golden Rule Commitment is there because we care about our readers’ success.

Sure Dividend helps individual investors build high quality dividend growth portfolios for the long run. Part of the way we accomplish this is through fair business terms and quality customer support.

And here’s what members are saying about The Top 10 REITs service:

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“I have found that choosing an REIT can be a challenge on many fronts. Your REIT report helps sort through yield and risk!”

“I enjoyed reading it. I discovered several promising REITs that I put on my Watch List.”

“It is informative and supplements other resources that I use to evaluate REITs. Thank you.”

“Excellent, I like all the data regarding the top REIT gathered in one monthly issue.”

“Excellent – it brought several companies to my attention that I wasn’t earlier aware of.”

“Informative, I will feel more comfortable investing in REITs.”

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“Great, I am planning on adjusting my portfolio based on this information.”

“Very good, I bought two of the REITs based on the information there”

“Delighted to have it. I want to raise my percent invested in REITs.”

Note: Minor grammatical changes have been made to some of the quotes above.

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