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17 Three Financial Red Flags to Avoid When Investing For Dividend Growth
15 How Much Does the Volatility of Individual Stocks Change Over Time?
11 Here’s What Investors Should Make of Disney’s New Streaming Service
8 PennantPark Floating Rate Capital: 8% Dividend Yield And Monthly Payouts, But Coverage Needs To Improve
7 The Newest Dividend King: Federal Realty Investment Trust
4 My Favorite Dividend Stocks in the Financial Sector
1 The Complete REIT List: 172 Publicly-Traded Real Estate Investment Trusts
1 The 2017 Dividend Aristocrats List: 25+ Years of Rising Dividends
1 2017 Dividend Kings List: Dividend Stocks with 50+ Years of Rising Dividends
1 The 2017 List of All 265 Dividend Achievers
1 The Best Monthly Dividend Stocks: All 37 Stocks That Pay Monthly Dividends
1 The Best High Dividend Stocks: 400 Companies With 5%+ Dividend Yields
1 2017 Blue Chip Stocks List: 3%+ Yields & 100+ Year Histories
1 The Complete MLP List: 131 High-Yield, Tax-Advantaged Securities
30 Blue Chip Stocks in Focus: ONEOK, Inc.
29 The 10 Best Blue Chip Dividend Stocks
28 Starbucks: Brewing Up A Solid Third Quarter Earnings Report
28 Blue Chip Stocks In Focus: Consolidated Edison
27 Blue Chip Stocks in Focus: Philip Morris International
27 Blue Chip Stocks in Focus: Altria
27 Blue Chip Stocks In Focus: Procter & Gamble
27 General Dynamics: Another Solid Quarter, Overvaluation Persists
26 Blue Chip Stocks in Focus: IBM
26 Blue Chip Stocks In Focus: Phillips 66
26 McDonald’s Second Quarter: I’m Lovin’ It
25 Blue Chip Stocks in Focus: Chevron
25 Blue Chip Stocks in Focus: Emerson Electric
25 Blue Chip Stocks In Focus: Verizon
25 Blue Chip Stocks In Focus: General Electric
25 Ignore the Price, Remember the Dividends: Why Dividends Are The Key to Building Wealth
24 Blue Chip Stocks in Focus: Bank of Nova Scotia
24 Blue Chip Stocks in Focus: Toronto-Dominion Bank
23 Microsoft: An Excellent Quarter From This Explosive Tech Giant
23 Forget Netflix, Buy These 4 Dividend Growth Stocks Instead
22 5 Actionable Lessons from the Enron Scandal
21 Harvest Capital Credit: ~10% Yielding Monthly Payer, But Coverage Is Weak
21 Capitala Finance: The Monthly 10%+ Yield Dividend Is A Coin-Flip
21 Sherwin-Williams: Strong Q2 Thanks to Newly-Acquired Valspar
20 Dover: An Impressive Earnings Release From This Dividend Aristocrat
20 The 5 Best Utility Dividend Stocks Today
20 Invest in an All-Time Market High? That’s the Best Move!
19 The Cheapest Dividend Aristocrat: Aflac
19 Ranking the Dividend Aristocrats by Risk-Adjusted Returns
19 Orchid Island Capital: 16% Yield & Monthly Dividends… But Is It Sustainable?
18 5 Capital Allocation Principles & Their Impact On Intrinsic Value
18 The Cheapest Dividend Achiever: American Equity Investment Life
18 Stellus Capital: 10% Monthly Dividend Is Sustainable… For Now
17 Whitestone REIT: Tantalizing 9% Dividend Yield Appears Covered, But High Debt Is A Lingering Concern
17 Brace Yourself for Apple’s Extraordinary Capital Return Program
16 Ranking the Most Profitable Dividend Aristocrats
15 Don’t Chase Yield: How To Value Great Dividend Growth Stocks
14 Black Stone Minerals: Safe 7% Distribution Despite Subordinated Conversion
14 Better Dividend Aristocrat: Sherwin-Williams or PPG?
13 Better Dividend Aristocrat: Johnson & Johnson or Medtronic?
13 Better Dividend Aristocrat: Kimberly-Clark or Colgate-Palmolive?
12 South Jersey Industries: Blue Chip Utility In Focus
12 BCE: Blue-Chip, High-Yield Telecommunications Leader
12 Better Dividend Aristocrat: 3M or Dover?
11 Better Dividend Aristocrat: Coca-Cola or PepsiCo?
11 Barnes & Noble: Buying Opportunity or Value Trap?
11 Here’s Why Warren Buffett Bought Oncor
11 Academic Research To Support Value Investing
10 General Mills: Blue Chip Consumer Staples Stock Trading At Fair Value
10 The Pros and Cons of the Dividend Discount Model
9 Enterprise Products: A Top-Quality MLP With A 6.2% Yield, And Dividend Increases For 52 Consecutive Quarters
8 Why You Should Teach Your Kids About Dividend Investing While They Are Young
8 The Performance Of Different Stock Market Sectors Over Time
7 Telephone & Data: Would-Be Dividend Aristocrat With Questionable Valuation
7 Genesis Energy: Huge 9% Dividend Yield Is Attractive, But Weak Coverage a Concern
7 Buckeye Partners: Why Dividend Investors Might Like This 7.8% Yielding MLP
6 Hoegh LNG Partners LP: Small-Cap MLP Priced for Double-Digit Total Returns
6 TransAlta Renewables: A Safe 5.7% Monthly Dividend Yield
6 12 Ways to Save More Money for Your Dividend Portfolio
5 Exxon Mobil: Is This A Good Time To Buy This 3.8% Yielding Dividend Aristocrat?
5 Nike: World Class Brand, Amazon Deal Will Provide Compelling Growth For This Dividend Achiever
4 Inter Pipeline: 6.4% Yield From This Monthly Dividend Payer with 14 Years of Rising Dividends
3 Here’s Why Buffett Bought Store Capital
2 Better Dividend Aristocrat: P&G or Clorox?
1 Corus Entertainment: 8%+ Yield, Monthly Dividends
30 Walgreens Boots Alliance: This Dividend Aristocrat Just Proved Retail Isn’t Dead After All
30 Magellan Midstream Partners: 14% Off Its 52-Week High, Take Advantage Of This 5% Dividend Yield
30 6 Dividend Investing Mistakes – And How To Avoid Them
28 Grocery Store Stocks: Analysis of a Changing Industry
27 4 Simple Tools to Invest Like Warren Buffett
27 Dividend Kings in Focus: Tootsie Roll, Offering A Sweet Dividend Payout
26 The Brief Anatomy of Dividend Stocks
26 4 Consistently High Paying Dividend Stocks With Growth Potential
25 Annaly Capital Management: Attractive 9.5% Dividend Yield, But Interest Rates Are A Major Risk
25 The Ultimate Guide To Investing in MLPs
24 The 5 Best Farm & Construction Equipment Stocks for Dividends
23 Kroger: The World Might be Ending, but not Before a Dividend Increase and a $1 Billion Share Buyback
22 Dream Industrial REIT: 8% Monthly Dividend Trading At Or Near Fair Value
22 The 7 Best Discount Retailers: Finding Value & Dividends Among Bargain Stocks
22 United Technologies: Slow & Steady Growth Fuels Another Dividend Increase
21 Dream Office REIT: 7.8% Yield, Monthly Dividends, Slight Overvaluation
21 Dream Global REIT: 7.4% Monthly Dividend, but Modestly Overvalued
20 The 10 Best MLPs For High Income
20 Granite Real Estate: This Canadian REIT Has A Strong 5% Dividend Yield, But Barbarians Are At The Gate
20 San Juan Basin Royalty Trust: Why The 7% Dividend Yield May Not Be As Attractive As It Seems
19 Global Net Lease: 9%+ Yield, Monthly Dividends, But 104% Payout Ratio
19 NuStar Holdings: Execution Risk in Acquisition of Navigator Energy Services
18 Better 5% Dividend Yield Telecom: AT&T or Vodafone?
18 SunCoke Energy Partners: Surprisingly, the 14.1% Yield is Sustainable
17 Archer-Daniels-Midland: Great Business Trading at a Fair Price
17 Medtronic: Why Investors Should Expect This Dividend Aristocrat To Raise Its Dividend Again Soon
16 Sunoco LP: Business is Transforming Yet Risks Remain
16 Urstadt Biddle Properties: 5%+ Dividend Yield And Growth From High-Quality Properties
16 AmTrust Financial Services: 5% Dividend Yield Is Enticing, But Major Headline Risk Persists
15 TransMontaigne Partners: High-Quality Dividend Achiever With A Secure 7.3% Dividend Yield
15 AstraZeneca: 4% Dividend Yield And A Pipeline To Emerging Market Growth
15 Enticing But Unsustainable 14.4% Dividend Yield From This Energy MLP
14 Vermilion Energy: 5.7% Yield and Monthly Dividend Payments
14 Warning: Overvaluation, Unsustainable Dividend, and Extreme Dilution at Student Transportation
14 Gladstone Commercial Corporation: REIT With A 6.9% Dividend Yield, But Tread Carefully
14 Horizon Technology Finance: 10%+ Dividend Yield And Growth In Technology And Healthcare
13 Ameriprise Financial: Double-Digit Shareholder Yield
13 Gladstone Investment Corporation: Monthly Dividends With An 8%+ Yield
13 Gladstone Capital Corporation: 8.4% Dividend Yield, Monthly Dividends, And Growth From Rising Interest Rates
13 Pattern Energy Group: ‘Speed Bumps’ Create Modest Buying Opportunity
12 Energy Transfer Equity: Undervalued MLP with a 7% Yield
11 Total: International Oil & Gas Giant With A 5.3% Dividend Yield
11 Occidental Petroleum: This Top Permian Basin Producer Pumps Out A 5% Dividend Yield
10 Shaw Communications: Growth Potential, 4% Dividend Yield, And Dividends Each Month
10 Interview with John Howe, Author of The Foolish Corner
9 Terra Nitrogen: Feeding The World With Fertilizer, Feeding Investors With An 8% Dividend Yield
8 Tiffany & Co.: World-Class Brand Gives Shareholders A Shiny 11% Dividend Increase
8 Dividend King in Focus: SJW Group
8 Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIPs) Could Cost You Loads
6 AGNC Investment Corp: Highly Attractive 10% Dividend Yield, But Interest Rate Risk Looms Large
6 Enerplus: Monthly Dividends And Growth Potential From High-Quality Oil And Gas Assets
4 Solar Senior Capital: 8%+ Dividend Yield And Monthly Dividend Payments
3 BP: High-Quality Assets Pumping Out Growth And A 6.7% Dividend Yield
3 Helmerich & Payne: 5%+ Dividend Yield From A High-Quality Oil Stock
3 Interview With Daniel Collins, President of WhaleWisdom
2 Sabine Royalty Trust: Quality Assets Fuel 5% Dividend Yield With Potential For Growth
2 Hugoton Royalty Trust: A 6% Yielding Bet On Oil And Gas Prices
1 Cross Timbers Royalty: Microcap with Big 6% Yield And Monthly Distributions
1 Waste Management: When Landfills Become Dividend Gold Mines
30 Warren Buffett Stocks in Focus: Costco
30 Warren Buffett Stocks in Focus: Moody’s
29 Warren Buffett Stocks in Focus: Goldman Sachs
29 Is Hormel Foods A Better Bargain Than Ever?
28 Warren Buffett Stocks in Focus: Visa
27 HSBC: High-Yield Bank Stock With A 5.9% Dividend And Growth From Emerging Markets
26 Warren Buffett Stocks in Focus: Delta Air Lines
26 Warren Buffett Stocks in Focus: American Airlines
25 BBVA: 5% Dividend Yield Bank Stock With An Improving Balance Sheet And Growth
25 Warren Buffett Stocks in Focus: Southwest Airlines
24 Warren Buffett Stocks In Focus: Wells Fargo
24 Royal Dutch Shell: 6.8% Dividend Yield With Room For Growth
23 Warren Buffett’s Top 20 Stocks
21 Apple Hospitality REIT: A 6.5% Yield Paying Monthly Dividends
20 Prospect Capital Corporation: 12% Yield, Monthly Dividends, & Middle Market Expertise
19 Pembina Pipeline: Monthly Dividends and Robust Growth From Veresen Merger
19 Cisco Systems: A Better Bargain Than Ever?
18 LTC Properties: Monthly Dividend Healthcare REIT
18 EnLink Midstream Partners: 9% Dividend Yield And Potential For Dividend Growth in 2018
17 EPR Properties: 5.9% Yield, Monthly Dividend Income
17 Main Street Capital Corporation: 6%+ Dividend Yield, Tailwind From Rising Interest Rates
16 STAG Industrial: 5%+ Yield, Monthly Dividend Payments
16 W.P. Carey: A Secure 6%+ Dividend Yield And Consistent Dividend Growth
14 How Investors Can Learn From Jeff Bezos’ Long-Term Thinking
14 Kimco Realty: Retail Worries Are Overblown, The 5% Dividend Yield is Safe
13 W.W. Grainger and the Amazon Effect
13 Ford: 5%+ Dividend Yield and Very Attractive Valuation
12 Macy’s: 5%+ Dividend Yield and Trading Well Below Book Value
12 Las Vegas Sands: Should You Wager On Its 5% Dividend?
11 The Opportunity Cost of Defensive Portfolio Positioning: 3 Mistakes to Avoid
11 New York Community Bank: If You Can Forgive The Dividend Cut, Its 5% Yield Is Attractive
10 Spectra Energy Partners: 6% Yield & 38 Consecutive Quarterly Dividend Increases
9 Feed Your Hunger For Dividend Income With DineEquity’s 7.5% Yield
9 Mattel: Is The 7% Dividend Yield Sustainable?
9 What Can Investors Expect From The New Energy Transfer Partners?
4 CVS: Overreaction to Earnings Gives Investors A Buying Opportunity
3 Becton Dickinson: What Are Investors To Think Of The Massive $24 Billion C.R. Bard Takeover?
3 Altria Lights Up A Strong Quarter, But Falling Smoking Rates Are A Lingering Concern
1 Prem Watsa’s Dividend Stock Portfolio: Every Holding Analyzed
29 These 3 Big Oil Dividend Stocks Just Pumped Out Big Earnings Beats
28 Bristol-Myers Squibb: Strong Earnings Could Warrant Higher Dividend Growth Ahead
28 How To ‘Swim in Safe Waters’ While Looking For Stocks
27 AbbVie’s Humira Revenue Up 15% (Despite Patent Cliff Fears)
27 Earn a 7.9% Yield From “Uncle Sam”
26 How to Position Your Portfolio For The Next Recession: 3 Actionable Steps
25 3 Real-World Case Studies: How Spinoffs Unlock Shareholder Value
25 Qualcomm: 4.3% Dividend Yield, With NXP Acquisition a Major Growth Catalyst
24 Disney’s ESPN Concerns Are Likely Exaggerated: Here’s Why
23 Preferred Stocks: Performance, Volatility, and Risk-Adjusted Returns
23 3 Reasons I Prefer PepsiCo Over B&G Foods
22 3 Reasons I Prefer Southern Company Over Exelon
20 REIT Dividend Matchup: Realty Income vs. Omega Healthcare Investors
19 Better Big Pharma Dividend Stock: Pfizer or Teva?
18 Better Big Pharma Dividend Stock: AbbVie or Gilead?
17 Bill Ackman’s Stock Portfolio: Every Holding Analyzed
17 Computer Services: A Would-Be Dividend Aristocrat
16 3 Reasons Why Cisco Is A Better Dividend Growth Stock Than Intel
15 V.F. Corporation: A New Five-Year Plan
13 3 Reasons Target Is Not The Next Sears
13 Starbucks: Takeaways From the 2017 Annual Meeting
12 Walgreens Boots Alliance: Strong Outlook Regardless of Rite Aid Outcome
12 Oaktree Capital Group: 5% Dividend Yield and Growing Assets
12 Anheuser-Busch InBev: The ‘Berkshire of Beer’ With a 3.4% Dividend Yield
10 Dividend Stocks vs. Long-Term Bonds: Comparing Risk-Adjusted Returns
10 The Two Emotions Behind Your Investing—And Why They’re Ruining You
9 The Basics of Dividend Investing
8 Assessing the Validity of the 4% Rule Using Dividend Stocks
7 Dividend Investing vs Real Estate Investing
7 Don’t Be Fooled by Frontier Communications’ 20% Dividend Yield: Buy AT&T Instead
6 3 Reasons Why I Prefer Ford Over Tesla
6 4 Critical Investing Lessons Learned From Peter Lynch
5 Street Name: Why You Don’t Actually Own Your Stocks
4 Systems vs Experts: How Rule-Based Investing Can Improve Your Results
3 Top 15 Low-Volatility Dividend Aristocrats
2 7 Critical Dividend Portfolio Management Tips
1 Joel Greenblatt Dividend Stocks in Focus: Seagate Technology
31 Joel Greenblatt Dividend Stocks in Focus: Staples
31 3 Reasons I Prefer Wal-Mart Over Costco
30 Joel Greenblatt Dividend Stocks in Focus: Garmin
29 Joel Greenblatt Dividend Stocks in Focus: The Gap
28 Joel Greenblatt Stocks In Focus: Targa Resources
28 Joel Greenblatt Dividend Stocks in Focus: Western Union
27 Joel Greenblatt Dividend Stocks in Focus: CenturyLink
27 The 10 Best Cities to Develop an Investment Portfolio In
26 3 Reasons Why Church & Dwight Is No Match For Dividend King P&G
26 Better High-Yield Telecom Dividend Stock: Vodafone or Verizon?
25 Joel Greenblatt’s Top 20 High Dividend Stocks
24 How Uncertainty Helps Dividend Investors
24 3 Reasons Why I Prefer Nike to Under Armour
23 Soda Wars Part 2: Dr. Pepper Snapple vs. Monster Beverage
22 Seth Klarman Dividend Stocks In Focus: PBF Energy
21 Seth Klarman Dividend Stocks In Focus: Colony NorthStar
21 How To Build Your Dividend Growth Portfolio from Scratch
20 Will Berkshire Hathaway Be Broken Up Post-Buffett?
20 Seth Klarman Dividend Stocks In Focus: ChipMOS Technologies
19 Is Williams-Sonoma A Better Bargain Than Ever?
19 Seth Klarman’s Top 5 High Dividend Stocks
19 Better Bank Dividend Stock: Wells Fargo or JP Morgan Chase?
18 3 Reasons Why General Electric Is No Match For Dividend King Emerson Electric
17 Compound Interest Is Real Modern Day Alchemy
17 3 Reasons I Prefer Dividend Aristocrat W.W. Grainger to Dividend Achiever Fastenal
17 Dividend Aristocrats: Medtronic vs Becton, Dickinson & Company
16 Is RRD A Better Bargain Than Ever?
16 3 Reasons Why I Prefer Dividend Aristocrat Cardinal Health Over Dividend Achiever AmerisourceBergen
16 Dividend Aristocrat Matchup: Franklin Resources vs SPGI Global
15 7 Tips to Grow Your Wealth Like the Best Dividend Investors
15 Which High-Yield MLP is Better for Dividends: Sunoco Logistics Partners or Magellan Midstream Partners?
15 Better Dividend Achiever Utilities: Duke Energy or Xcel Energy?
14 Case Study: Insider Ownership Among Dividend Kings
14 The 3 Worst-Performing Dividend Achievers So Far This Year
13 6 Signs of a Shareholder Friendly Stock
12 Better Tech Dividend Stock: Intel or Texas Instruments?
11 NextEra Energy: Diversified Utility, Dividend Achiever
10 Best Buy: Successful Turnaround Fuels a 21% Dividend Increase
10 Better Oil & Gas Pipeline Dividend Stock: Enterprise Products or Kinder Morgan?
9 Brookfield Renewable Partners: 6% Yield and Growth From Renewable Energy
9 Which Dividend King Wins the Throne: P&G or Colgate-Palmolive?
8 Longevity Stocks: 4 Stable Inflation-Protected Stocks For The Next 50 Years
8 Auto Dividend Stock Showdown: General Motors vs. Ford
7 Better Dividend Aristocrat Buy: Target or Wal-Mart?
7 AAA Credit Rating Stocks In Focus: Microsoft
6 AAA Credit Rating Stocks In Focus: Johnson & Johnson
5 Buffett Stocks in Focus: U.S. Bancorp
3 Healthcare Dividend Stock Showdown: Johnson & Johnson vs. Pfizer
3 Buffett Stocks in Focus: M&T Bank
2 Buffett Stocks In Focus: Kraft Heinz
2 Better Dividend Aristocrat Oil Stock: Exxon Mobil or Chevron?
2 Buffett Stocks In Focus: UPS
2 4 Reasons I’d Buy Microsoft Over Facebook
1 Buffett Stocks In Focus: Bank of New York Mellon
1 Dividend Stock Food Fight: General Mills or Kellogg?
1 Buffett Stocks In Focus: American Express
1 Buffett Stocks In Focus: Mondelez International
28 Target: A Better Bargain Than Ever?
28 Buffett Stocks In Focus: General Motors
28 7 Enlightening Lessons From Berkshire Hathaway’s 2016 Annual Report
27 Utility Dividend Growth Match-Up: Southern Company vs. Consolidated Edison
26 CenterPoint Energy: 4% Yield And 100+ Years of Dividends
25 National Retail Properties: Secure 4% Yield and Steady Growth From This Dividend Achiever
25 ONEOK Partners: Dividend Achiever MLP With a 6% Yield
24 National Health Investors: 5% Yielding Dividend Achiever With Growth Up Ahead
23 Nu Skin Enterprises: 11% Drop on Earnings an Overreaction?
22 The Coffee Can Portfolio: The Ultimate In Long-Term Investing
21 AIG: Buy the Dip?
20 AT&T Versus Verizon: Price War
20 Update: How I Increased My Net Worth To $100,000 In One Year
19 Will Deere & Company Raise Its Dividend in 2017?
18 Better High-Yield REIT: W.P. Carey or Realty Income?
17 By How Much Will Genesis Energy Raise Its Distributions in 2017?
17 Dominion vs. PPL: Which 4%+ Yielding Dividend Achiever Utility Is Better?
16 Genuine Parts: Expect 61st Consecutive Annual Dividend Increase Soon
15 Digital Realty: Expect a Dividend Hike Soon for This Red-Hot REIT
15 Flowers Foods: Irrational Selloff After Fourth Quarter Earnings
14 Coca-Cola: Expect Another Dividend Raise Soon For This Dividend King
14 Welltower: Another Dividend Increase For This REIT Dividend Achiever
13 Four Companies Impacted by the Strength of the U.S. Dollar
13 These 4 Companies Will Benefit from Trump’s Repatriation Tax Reform
12 Dividend Kings in Focus: California Water Service Group
12 Is Colgate-Palmolive About to Raise its Dividend?
10 Why General Dynamics Is About to Fire Off a Strong Dividend Increase
10 Will General Mills Increase its Dividend in 2017?
9 Care Capital Properties: High-Quality REIT With a 9% Dividend Yield
9 ConocoPhillips Raises Dividend as Turnaround Takes Shape
8 Sturm, Ruger & Company: Cheap Stock with a 3% Dividend Yield
8 Will PepsiCo Raise Its Dividend in 2017?
7 How Large Should My Portfolio Be To Retire?
6 Novo Nordisk: Beaten-Down Valuation and a 3% Dividend Yield
5 The Effect of Rising Interest Rates on Dividend Stocks
4 Dividend Aristocrat AT&T vs. Soon-To-Be Dividend Achiever Comcast
4 Merck: Analyzing 2016 Performance & Outlook for 2017
3 Dividend Aristocrats in Focus: Federal Realty Investment Trust
2 Aflac Misses Earnings Estimates – But Don’t Lose Sight of the Big Picture
2 Dividend Aristocrats In Focus: General Dynamics
1 Eli Lilly’s Fiscal 2016 Earnings: Analyzing The Surprising Results
1 Dividend Growth Stock Battle: Phillips 66 vs. Valero
31 Better Healthcare Dividend Stock: Abbott Labs or AbbVie?
31 Which 6% Dividend Yield is Better, BP or Royal Dutch Shell?
30 Will Berkshire Hathaway Ever Pay a Dividend?
30 How to Consistently Lose Money With Dividend Stocks
29 Magellan Midstream Partners: 59th Dividend Increase for this Dividend Achiever
28 Don’t Buy Chipotle. Consider These 5 Restaurant Dividend Stocks Instead
27 Why Shareholder Care About Dividends (Even When They Don’t Make Them That Much Money)
27 The Best Consistent Dividend Earning Stocks
26 4 Reasons I Prefer Philip Morris International Over Altria
26 Can An Investor Really Get Rich From Dividends?
25 Vodafone: Consistent International Dividend Grower with a 6% Yield
24 Kimberly-Clark: Analyzing The Recent Dividend Increase
24 Roche: A Would-Be Dividend Aristocrat With a 3.5% Dividend Yield
24 10 Years to Freedom
23 The Difference Between The Ex-Dividend Date, Record Date, and Pay Date
23 The Best Health Care REIT for 2017: Analysis of the ‘Big Four’
22 Cisco: A 10% Dividend Increase Could Be On the Way Soon
21 3M Investors: Look for a Dividend Increase Soon
20 Bill Gates’ Stock Portfolio: Every Holding Analyzed
19 Low Yield Dividend Stocks Belong In Your Portfolio: 5 Actionable Examples
18 4 Reasons I Prefer Disney Over Netflix
17 4 Reasons I Prefer McDonald’s Over Shake Shack
16 ONEOK: Dividend Achiever Poised to Benefit From Rising Commodity Prices
16 Adient Stock: Still Undervalued After Johnson Controls Spinoff
15 The 6 Best Dividend Paying Insurance Stocks for 2017
14 Coca-Cola’s Growth Potential & Market Share
13 The 7 Best Undervalued Retail Stocks for Dividends
13 Tanger: Undervalued, Recession Resistant, & Shareholder Friendly
12 PPL: Geographically Diversified Utility with 4.4% Yield & Long Dividend History
11 The 10 Most Popular Dividend Growth Stocks of Dividend Growth Bloggers
10 Should Income Investors Buy into Alliance Resource Partner’s 7.8% Yield?
9 The Best DRIP Stocks: 15 No-Fee Dividend Aristocrats
8 Holly Energy Partners: Dividend Achiever Pumping Out a 7.4% Yield
7 4 Reasons I Prefer Wal-Mart over Amazon
6 Senior Housing Properties Trust: 8% Yield & 16 Consecutive Years of Steady or Rising Dividends
6 TC Pipelines: 17 Consecutive Years of Distribution Growth & a 6.4% Yield
5 My 7 Favorite Dividend Health Care Stocks Today
4 Buckeye Partners: Dividend Achiever Pumping Out a Secure 7.4% Yield
3 Vector Group: 7% Yielding Tobacco Stock With Rising Dividends Since 1999

31 Bargain Hunting: The 10 Worst Performing Dividend Achievers of 2016
29 Kevin O’Leary’s 10 Favorite Quality Dividend Stocks
29 5 Reasons Why Dividend Growth Investing Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution
28 The Best Cigarette Stock for 2017: Comparing The 4 ‘Big Tobacco’ Stocks
27 Church & Dwight: Clean Up With this Dividend Achiever
27 Do You Struggle Making Trades?
25 Dominion: 8% Dividend Increase for this High Yield Utility Dividend Achiever
24 Enterprise Product Partners Will Stuff Your Stocking with a 6% Yield
23 Daimler: Discounted Auto Stock with a 5% Dividend Yield
22 The 10 Best Dividend Aristocrats for 2017 and Beyond
22 How Comcast Still Offers Strong Total Returns (Despite Cable Cutting)
21 Hasbro’s Average Yield Is Hiding Its Dividend Growth Potential
21 Omega Healthcare has a 7.8% Yield & 17 Straight Quarters of Dividend Growth
20 Whole Foods: Why Dividend Investors Need to Be Cautious
20 General Mills: 10% Annual Return Potential & Low Volatility
19 IBM: 3.4% Yielding Dividend Achiever With Its Head In The Cloud
18 Waste Management: A Dividend Achiever Turning Trash Into Treasure
15 4 Reasons I Prefer 3M Over General Electric
15 4 Reasons I Prefer Qualcomm Over Intel
11 Duke Energy: Dividend Achiever and a Secure 4.5% Yield
10 3 Dividend Growth Stocks Ready to Profit from Higher Infrastructure Spending
9 Unilever: 3.5% Dividend Yield and Emerging Market Growth
9 Hershey Has a Sweet Dividend but the Valuation Could Be Too Rich
8 The Bank of Montreal: Canada’s Oldest Dividend Payer
8 Case Study: Warren Buffett’s Yield-On-Cost For Coca-Cola
7 8.5% Yield Makes This Stock One of The Highest Yielding Dividend Achievers
6 CIBC: A Record Year from The Smallest of the Big Five
6 BP: Asset Sales, New Projects Fuel its 6.7% Dividend Yield
4 GlaxoSmithKline: Robust Pipeline Supports its 5.5% Dividend Yield
3 How General Electric is Re-Positioning Itself for Dividend Growth
1 Philip Morris: Innovating to Protect and Grow Its 4.7% Dividend
1 HCP Spins Off Quality Care Properties: What’s the Outlook for QCP?
30 Is FirstEnergy’s 4.4% Yield Worth The Risk?
29 Texas Instruments: A High Dividend Growth Stock
25 Nike: 13% Dividend Increase for This Dividend Achiever
24 Kroger: Be Thankful for This Grocer’s 18% Year-to-Date Decline
23 Dividend Aristocrats in Focus Part 50: Archer-Daniels-Midland
23 Dividend Aristocrats in Focus Part 49: Brown-Forman
22 Dividend Aristocrats in Focus Part 48: Colgate-Palmolive
21 Dividend Aristocrats in Focus Part 47: Clorox
20 Pfizer: How a 15% Decline is a Gift to Income Investors
19 Dividend Aristocrats in Focus Part 46: Coca-Cola
18 Verizon: 15% Stock Price Decline Pushes Dividend Yield Near 5%
18 Dividend Aristocrats in Focus Part 45: Hormel
17 Gilead Sciences: Dirt Cheap with Lots of Growth Potential
17 Dividend Aristocrats in Focus Part 44: Kimberly-Clark
17 The Top Dividend Stocks in the Industrial Sector Following the Election
16 Dividend Aristocrats in Focus Part 43: McCormick & Company
15 Lockheed Martin: Arm Your Portfolio with This 3% Yielding Dividend Achiever
15 Dividend Aristocrats in Focus Part 42: PepsiCo
13 Dividend Aristocrats in Focus Part 41: Procter & Gamble
13 Dividend Aristocrats in Focus Part 40: Sysco
11 Dividend Aristocrats in Focus Part 39: Wal-Mart
10 Dividend Aristocrats in Focus Part 38: Walgreens Boots Alliance
10 Dividend Aristocrats in Focus Part 37: Cintas
9 Dividend Aristocrats In Focus Part 36: Dover
8 Dividend Aristocrats In Focus Part 35: Emerson Electric
8 Dividend Aristocrats In Focus Part 34: Illinois Tool Works
6 Dividend Aristocrats In Focus Part 33: 3M
5 Dividend Aristocrats In Focus Part 32: Pentair
4 Dividend Aristocrats In Focus Part 31: Stanley Black & Decker
4 Dividend Aristocrats In Focus Part 30: W.W. Grainger
3 Dividend Aristocrats In Focus Part 29: Abbott Laboratories
3 Dividend Aristocrats In Focus Part 28: Abbvie
2 Dividend Aristocrats In Focus Part 27: Cardinal Health
2 Dividend Aristocrats In Focus Part 26: Becton, Dickinson and Company
1 Dividend Aristocrats In Focus Part 25: CR Bard
1 Dividend Aristocrats In Focus Part 24: Johnson & Johnson
31 Don’t Lose Money With A Buyback Strategy
30 Dividend Aristocrats In Focus Part 23: Medtronic
29 Dividend Aristocrats in Focus Part 22: Genuine Parts Company
28 Dividend Aristocrats in Focus Part 21: Leggett & Platt
28 Dividend Aristocrats in Focus Part 20: Lowe’s
27 Dividend Aristocrats in Focus Part 19: McDonald’s Corporation
27 Dividend Aristocrats in Focus Part 18: Target Corporation
26 Dividend Aristocrats in Focus Part 17: V.F. Corporation
26 Dividend Aristocrats in Focus Part 16: S&P Global, Inc.
25 Dividend Aristocrats in Focus Part 15: T. Rowe Price Group
25 Dividend Aristocrats in Focus Part 14: Franklin Resources
23 Dividend Aristocrats in Focus Part 13: Cincinnati Financial
22 Dividend Aristocrats in Focus Part 12: Aflac
21 Dividend Aristocrats in Focus Part 11: Ecolab
21 Dividend Aristocrats in Focus Part 10: Nucor
20 Dividend Aristocrats in Focus Part 9: Air Products & Chemicals
20 Dividend Aristocrats in Focus Part 8: Sherwin-Williams
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