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The Sure Dividend Investing Method

Sure Dividend was founded in 2014 to help individual investors build high quality dividend growth stock portfolios for the long run.

Our purpose is to identify and recommend securities that we believe are likely to provide our readers a safe and secure retirement (or early retirement) through income investing.

What makes Sure Dividend unique and valuable is our comparative analysis between different individual income securities in The Sure Analysis Research Database.

Keep reading to learn how we help our 8,000+ members invest in high quality dividend growth stocks for the long run.

The Sure Analysis Research Database

The Sure Analysis Research Database contains reports on more than 600 securities, including:

We added ~160 net new securities to The Sure Analysis Research Database in 2019, and will continue to increase our database coverage universe going forward. Security reports in The Sure Analysis Research Database are updated quarterly by our team of researchers to keep the reports relevant and current.

“The person that turns over the most rocks wins the game.  And that’s always been my investing philosophy.”
Peter Lynch

We use the same investing framework for all securities so our readers can compare potential investments to one another on an apples-to-apples basis.

The metrics we use to do so are examined below.

Investing Framework: Expected Total Returns

We use an expected total return framework for the securities in our database.

Interestingly, all returns come from only three sources:

  1. Dividends (or distributions, interest, etc.)
  2. Growth on a per share basis (typically measured as earnings-per-share)
  3. Valuation multiple changes (typically measured as a change in the price-to-earnings ratio)

Combined, these three sources make up total return.

Historical total return, while interesting, is not what matters in investing.  It’s expected future returns that we care about.

And since total returns can only come from the three sources mentioned above, you can use the expected total return framework to clarify your thinking on where you expect total returns to come from.

We provide five year forward expected total return estimates for the securities in The Sure Analysis Research database.

This means you can compare the total return profiles of securities to one another using the same frameworkThis is an especially powerful tool to employ in your investment portfolio.

Investing Framework: Dividend Risk & Retirement Suitability

Expected total returns are one side of the investing coin.  The other is risk.

We are focused on income producing securities because that’s what matters for a sustainable retirement (or early retirement).

The primary risk with income investing is that the income stream from a security declines or is eliminated all together.  Said another way, the big risk with dividend investing is dividend reductions or dividend eliminations.

We assign a letter grade ranking to all the income-paying securities in our database using our Dividend Risk Score.

Dividend Risk Scores take into account:

The longer a company’s streak of consecutive dividend increases, the lower its payout ratio, and the better its historical (and/or expected) recession performance, the better its Dividend Risk Score.

The Dividend Risk Score helps our readers to quickly compare the relative dividend safety of different investment opportunities.

When investing for retirement income, the actual yield of your investment matters a great deal.  All other things being equal, the higher the yield the better.

Our Retirement Suitability Score is a combination of an investment’s Dividend Risk Score and its dividend yield.  Securities with a safe Dividend Risk score and a high yield will have the best Retirement Suitability Scores.

How To Use This Information

Five year forward expected total returns, Dividend Risk Scores, and Retirement Suitability Scores from Sure Dividend give you the power to quickly compare different individual security investment options to one another.

There are two primary ways to use this information.

  1. Invest in our top ranked securities
  2. Position your portfolio away from securities with high Dividend Risk scores and low expected total returns

We have two premium newsletters for investors looking for our top ranked dividend growth and high yield securities.

Each month we analyze our Top 10 dividend growth securities and Top 10 high yield (4%+ yields only) securities in The Sure Dividend Newsletter and The Sure Retirement Newsletter, respectively.

Our newsletters also provide sell recommendations when (if) a past recommendation has low expected total returns and/or high risk ahead, as needed.

For investors looking for greater flexibility, The Sure Analysis Research Database membership empowers investors with:

Investors who use Sure Analysis can find individual securities that match their specific investing needs and industry/sector requirements.

The Sure Analysis Research Database also provides a ‘second opinion’ on securities you may already hold in your portfolio.  Avoiding low expected total return, high risk investments – while not as exciting as focusing on what to buy now – is both important and valuable.

Final Thoughts

Sure Dividend serves investors looking for quality income and dividend growth investments to buy and hold for the long-term for their retirement (or early retirement) portfolios.

Our investing framework allows for apples-to-apples comparisons on 600+ (and growing) securities.

This framework focuses the investing process on what matters, and provides actionable information on which securities to invest in, and which to avoid.

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