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These 79 Free Dividend Stock Resources Will Make You a Better Investor

Updated June 8th, 2022 by Ben Reynolds

This list of 79 free dividend stock resources is broken down into 8 categories.

Each category has a brief explanation as to how it helps dividend investors and investors in general.

Note: Resources are not ranked in order.

Table Of Contents

You can instantly jump to any specific category by clicking the links below:

General Investing & Dividend Investing Sites

There are many styles of dividend investing – ranging from high yield investing to dividend growth investing. Reading the work of other investors who are using dividend investing to grow wealth is a great way to generate new ideas.

  1. Sure Dividend – High quality dividend growth stocks, long-term plan
  2. – Invest smarter, trade wiser
  3. Dividend Power – The power of dividend growth investing
  4. Dividend Growth Investor – Generate a growing dividend income stream
  5. The Dividend Guy – Passive income through dividend investing (learn more at his about me page)
  6. Dividend Monk – Disciplined dividend stock research
  7. Dividend Hawk – Dividend growth investing and financial independence
  8. Dividend Earner – Building wealth through dividend income
  9. Dividend Diplomats – Dividend reinvesting and frugal living
  10. Dividends Paradise – Dividend, value, and growth stock screens for long-term investors
  11. Passive Income Pursuit – Financial independence through dividend growth
  12. Dividend Scouts – Taking the search out of research
  13. DRIP Investing – The dividend investing resource center
  14. – A wide variety of dividend information and tools
  15. Stock Spin-Off investing – The best resource for investors interested in stock spin-offs
  16. Dividend Watch – Track and analyze over 35,000 stocks and ETFs
  17. Cabot Wealth Network – The best stocks to buy since 1970.
  18. RIA Pro and Real Investment Advice – Investment analysis, research, and data.
  19. KingsCrowd – The first and only ratings and analytics platform for online private markets. Learn more about KingsCrowd here.
  20. The Wealth Advisory by Angel Publishing Investment Research
  21. Validea – Invest using proven quantitative strategies
  22. Rick Orford – Discover options trading, dividend investing, saving money, and starting a business – all under one roof
  23. Top 70 Dividend Blogs & Websites on Feedspot
  24. Top 100 Investment Blogs & Websites on Feedspot
  25. 100 Dividend Investing Blogs on Frugal Student 

Bonus 1: 8 Best Dividend Investing Newsletters on Hashtag Investing

Bonus 2: Best Stock Newsletters 2022 on Retire Before Dad

Bonus 3: Top 13 Best Dividend Investor Blogs on Hashtag Investing

Personal Finance Sites

Analyzing dividend stocks is only part of the battle to building a portfolio of high quality dividend stocks purchased at fair or better prices. Saving money while living well is extremely important to the process as well. The more you save, the more there is to invest. The following personal finance sites help readers to save more or boost income.

  1. Money Mustache – Early retirement through ‘badassity’
  2. I Will Teach You to Be Rich – How to raise your income
  3. Cash Cow Couple – how to grow income and reduce debt
  4. Financial Samurai – Slicing through money’s mysteries
  5. Wise Bread – Living large on a small budget
  6. Money Crashers – Your guide to financial fitness
  7. Get Rich Slowly – Personal Finance that makes cents
  8. Money Ning – Personal finance, saving, frugality, and coupons
  9. Good Financial Cents – Showing that financial freedom is not a myth
  10. Budgets Are Sexy – A personal finance blog that won’t put you to sleep
  11. The Simple Dollar – Personal finance simplified
  12. Nerd Wallet – Financial freedom and economic well being
  13. Vital Dollar – For people looking to improve their financial situation
  14. The Ways To Wealth – Learn how to make more, save more, and build wealth
  15. Financial Wolves – Hungry to make and save money

Bonus: Kinda Frugal – All about getting ahead and building the life you want by earning more, spending less, and sticking to a budget.

Dividend Stock Screeners

The stock screeners below can help you narrow down your search for high quality dividend growth stocks. All stock screeners listed below are free (or have most features free).

  1. Finviz – Financial visualizations (my favorite screener)
  2. Yahoo! Finance Screener – Find stocks with many selection criteria
  3. Zacks Screener – Screener with analyst estimate information
  4. CNBC Screener – Decent screener with several preset screens
  5. Reuter’s Screener – Easy to use screen
  6. The Street – The Street’s ratings-based screener
  7. Old School Value Screener – over a dozen value-based screens
  8. Screener – Screener aimed at dividend stocks
  9. Graham Value – Benjamin Graham value screener
  10. – Global dividend screener
  11. Uncle Stock – The fundamental stock screener for smart retail investors
  12. WallStreetZen – Find investing opportunities based on your personalized filters.

Bonus 1: Stock Analysis – Filter and analyze stocks.

Bonus 2:  This article provides a solid tutorial for how to generate ideas from stock screeners.

Financial Social Networks & Sites

Looking for ideas from other investors? The sites below help readers gauge sentiment and find ideas from a wide range of authors, contributors, and readers.

  1. Talk Markets – Customizable financial content with reader comments
  2. Stocktwits – Think twitter for stocks
  3. Twitter – Use the $ symbol in front of a ticker to pull stock specific tweets
  4. Reddit – Check the following subreddits: dividends, investing, stocks, wallstreetbets, and superstonk
  5. Hashtag Investing – Learn, share, and grow through real time discussions in this exclusive community of stock investors

Famous Investor Sites

It seems that everyone has an opinion on which stocks are ‘best’. See what some of the wealthiest and most successful investors actually do at the sites below.

  1. Whale Wisdom – Analysis of top investor portfolios
  2. Guru Focus – Portfolios, screeners, and articles centered around gurus
  3. Insider Monkey – Detailed articles and analysis on billionaire investors

Bonus: Interview With Daniel Collins, President of WhaleWisdom


The brokerages below are somewhat less known than the ‘big discount brokerages’. These brokerages offer discounted (or free) trades for investors looking to reduce their trading expenses.

  1. Inveractive Brokers – Extremely discounted full service brokerage.  This is the brokerage we use for our real money portfolio in The Sure Dividend Newsletter
  2. Questrade – Low cost brokerage for self directed investors
    Note 1:  Questrade review by Dividend Earner
    Note 2:  Questrade review by
  3. BrokerChooser – Compare brokers using the same methodology for each broker.

Bonus: Here are 5 brokerages for dividend investors


Forums are an excellent way to meet like-minded people and explore investing ideas together.

  1. Early Retirement Extreme – The fast track to financial independence
  2. Dividend Growth Forum – Everything about investing in dividend stocks

Other Resources

The sources below cover a wide variety of investing and dividend information.

  1. Freedom Day Solutions by Krueger & Catalano
  2. Morningstar Financials – The financial page of Morningstar gives a 5 year look at a stocks financials. This can be useful in determining fairly long-term growth.
  3. Investor’s Hub Financials – Don’t be fooled by this site’s busy layout. It offers free historical financials for stocks dating back to 1993.
  4. Nasdaq Dividend History – See upcoming and historical dividend record dates and payment amounts.
  5. Motley Fool – Making the world smarter, happier, and richer
    Note:  Motley Fool Review by Joy Wallet
  6. The 20 Best Investing Podcasts In 2022
  7. Dividend Aristocrat Ranker on Retire Before Dad
  8. Canadian Dividend All-Stars List on Dividend Growth Investing & Retirement
  9. Banking Knowledge Base on Bank Locations
  10. Free Dividend Tracker from DiviTrack
  11. Free Dividend Tracker from TrackYourDividends
  12. Dividend Calculator on Millionaire Mob
  13. Passive Income and Dividend Investing on My Stock Market Basics
  14. Expert Roundup on Early Retirement on From Cents to Retirement

Do you have other great sources you think should be added?  Email us at

Further Reading

The following Sure Dividend databases contain the most reliable dividend stocks in our investment universe:

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