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List of Dividend Aristocrats from 1989 to 2014

Published 4/15/14

The image below shows what corporations are included in the Dividend Aristocrat index year by year since 1989.  The criteria for inclusion in the Dividend Aristocrat index are:

  1. Be a Member of the S&P500
  2. 25+ years of increasing dividends
  3. Meet minimum float adjusted market cap and liquidity requirements (see S&P for more info).

Dividend Aristocrats:  1989 to 2014

Dividend Aristocrats Year by Year

To see the most recent list of Dividend Aristocrats from April, Click Here.

Did you know investing in the S&P Dividend Aristocrat index has outperformed the stock market by 2.88% per year since 2004?  That is impressive, but you can do better.  Visit the 8 Rules of Dividend Investing to learn the rules of successful dividend investing.


This information was compiled from various secondary sources.  They are listed below:

1989 – 2004: Dividend Growth Investor
2005: Crossing Wall Street
2006: Achieving Prosperity: A Realistic, Ethical Guide to Building Wealth by Todd Lipscomb
2007: Seeking Alpha
2008: Five Cent Nickel
2009: S&P500 Dividend Aristocrats, December 2008, page 12
2010: S&P500 Dividend Aristocrats, January 2010
2011: Dividend Growth Investor
2012: Forbes
2013: The Passive Income Earner
2014: Dividend Aristocrat Stocks


I could not find original sources for most years. There may be transcription errors. In a later post I will analyze why each stock was removed from the list, and tackle oddities like removing and adding back NUE.

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